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Fidelity Resource Management, LLC is a consumer consulting company offering ethical timeshare cancellation to timeshare owners, who no longer want the liability. The company has been located on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay, in Fairhope, Al, since 1999.

Our senior management team has decades of experience in the timeshare industry, including collections, marketing and qualifying real estate broker, dating back to 1982. 

This experience, along with our national network of  retained timeshare attorneys, ensure the efficient cancellation of your timeshare liability.

Our Attorneys

We work with timeshare attorneys who have not just years but decades of experience in the field of contract litigation who will analyze your case and address its merits in adopting an approach that best fits your needs.

We help timeshare owners to permanently cancel their entire timeshare contract; including maintenance fees, special assessments, and timeshare mortgage payments. Fidelity is dedicated to putting our clients’ interests first while providing affordable services. Our clients are the most essential part of our business and we strive to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Circumstances Change

Our Clients cover all demographics, ranging from the young couple on their honeymoon being convinced spending $600 a month for the next 10 years is an investment; to the couple that bought 20 years ago for family vacations, but now the children are grown and they no longer use their timeshare.

A drastic increase in maintenance fees over the years, and the lack of availability when making reservations, is why so many timeshare owners are desperate to get out of a timeshare. Fidelity Resource Management offers 100% guaranteed Timeshare Cancellation and elimination of future liability.

We are not a timeshare resale, listing, or rental company.

Those services rarely work.

Have you wasted money on timeshare resale and listing services that haven’t done what they promised? Listing and resale companies are not capable of reselling your timeshare. Industry records show less than 2% of timeshares are resold and the majority of that 2% is family transfers. The fact of the matter is only the Multi-Billion Dollar Resort Conglomerates, spending 10’s of millions on marketing, have the resources to sell a timeshare vacation. Listing services can’t treat prospective buyers to a weekend at the resort, to experience the amenities; nor can they staff with professional closers, persuading the prospect buying a timeshare is the smart thing to do. The truth is reselling a timeshare is near impossible and except in the rare circumstances of a unique property, they have no resale value. Contact our experienced consumer counselors before doing business with a listing company, so we may validate their credentials for you, as a free service.

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DISCLAIMERS: This is a referral service managed by one or more attorneys. However, nothing in this website constitutes legal advice. Any references to the relative merits of a product or service offered by a timeshare developer constitutes our opinion with respect to the same. Our guarantee includes termination by rescission, cancellation, membership revocation, or pre-litigation/litigation. We do not advise cessation of payment unless and until a resolution is reached.


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BBB A-Plus Rating