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Timeshare Cancellation

It’s no surprise to timeshare owners that timeshares are sold using high-pressure sales tactics. Unfortunately, without the possibility of legal action, the resort companies are unlikely to provide timeshare cancellation and mortgage relief. Don’t let the resort company convince you that you’re stuck in your timeshare. No matter the obstacles presented by the resort developers, we guarantee our retained timeshare attorney will work until your debt is cancelled and you have permanent, legal timeshare cancellation.

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Timeshare Cancellation

If you bought a “timeshare dream” and now have major regret, please know you are not alone. Many timeshare owners want timeshare cancellation too.

Getting out of a timeshare contract or mortgage is a legal matter that requires direct representation from licensed timeshare lawyers. Without the leverage of possible legal action, the resort is unlikely to cancel your timeshare.

Fidelity’s timeshare cancellation works for owners that were misled during the sales process and believe their consumer rights were violated.

For example, did the timeshare agent:

  • Invite you to a free trip or event, which became a sales pitch? 
  • Say you could sell or rent your timeshare easily?
  • Open a credit card account?
  • Were you required to attend a presentation that lasted in excess of 90 minutes?
  • Did you feel rushed to sign the final purchase paperwork and not fully understand the contract you were signing?
  • Are you unable to book you vacation?
  • Tell you to attend an “update meeting” that turned into an “UP SELL”?
  • Did the services promised during the sale not match the services received?
  • These activities are unethical at best and could be considered fraudulent. If you experienced such conduct, we want to consult with you and notify our legal team, which will address these grievances in an appropriate fashion in confronting this unlawful conduct. 


Timeshare Cost Calculator

How much is your timeshare really costing you? Complete the following fields:

Timeshare Cost Calculator

Timeshare Cost Calculator

How much is your timeshare really costing you?

Mexican Timeshare Cancellation

Our timeshare attorney network has the vast experience necessary to negotiate your foreign based timeshare cancellation, permanently and legally.

Mexico is one of the top 10 vacation destinations in the world, with over 600 timeshare developments. Mexican law prohibits property ownership to foreigners within 60 miles of its’ international borders and 30 miles from coastal areas; therefore, the vast majority of timeshares in Mexico are “Right of Use” and not deeded and more like a vacation club. This means if you are unable make the payments the developer can’t foreclose, but may sue, garnish your wages or report the delinquency to the credit bureaus.

Consumer protection laws are more lax in Mexico than in the United States. Developers in Mexico may even serve alcohol during their presentation, which is prohibited in the U.S.

The vast majority of Mexican timeshares are owned by buyers in the United States. Even though our timeshare attorney may not be licensed in Mexico, the Mexican developers have service agents located in the U.S. for our timeshare attorney network to negotiate your timeshare cancellation and have the leverage to sue, if necessary.

Contact our consultants to see if you can eliminate your foreign based timeshare.

Deception & Intimidation Tactics

Many timeshare companies use deception, intimidation and tout benefits which do not exist. Timeshare resort companies cannot lawfully use these and other high-pressure tactics to force through a sale without your informed consent. Our timeshare attorneys will identify and use detailed information gathered during the analysis of your case to specify ways in which the conduct is illegal in confronting your timeshare developer through formal correspondence. Counsel will be prepared to sue if a satisfactory resolution is not forthcoming. The real possibility of litigation creates favorable leverage to get out of a timeshare.

Many of our clients reported total annual payments of $10,000 or greater, including mortgage payments, maintenance and exchange fees. Our consultants understand the kind of financial hardship this can create and will address your situation with sensitivity and work diligently to find the right solution.

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