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Frequent Questions

Contact the resort first and see if they will accept the timeshare back as a donation. If the resort is not interested; you will definitely need an experienced timeshare attorney to legally cancel your timeshare contract.

No matter if you recently purchased or have owned for 25 years, only a licensed timeshare attorney, specializing in contract law has the knowledge to review your contract for errors and the leverage to deal with the resort legal department for a legal timeshare cancellation.

We have helpful information in our free eBook download,  “Get Out Of A Timeshare.

Fidelity Resource Management does not sell or list timeshares. Those companies rarely work. Our service is legal timeshare cancellation using an experienced timeshare attorney from our network.

Most likely your victimization started with the resort salesperson convincing you that buying was an investment and it could later be resold, all the while knowing they can’t be given away.

We understand the anger and skepticism of the industry and don’t take that question personally. Fidelity has provided 5 star service to our clients since 1999 and may be easily verified with the Better Business Bureau.

Yes. Many of our clients made a buying decision based on misrepresentations of the product. They felt pressured to buy a product they didn’t fully understand and were told selling their timeshare wouldn’t be a problem.

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A deeded property can be placed in foreclosure. In the case of a points contract, the resort may send it to collections and obtain a judgement. Your contract is legally binding unless proven otherwise. Only a timeshare attorney, experienced in contract law can effectively negotiate with the resort legal department for a timeshare cancellation and protect your credit pursuant to federal code.

Please find helpful information in our free eBook download  “Get Out of a Timeshare“.  

Yes! Our timeshare attorney network has years of experience negotiating with the Mexican resorts’ US agents for permanent and legal timeshare cancellation. Our service guarantee includes Mexican timeshare cancellation. Our Cost Calculator shows the true cost of owning a Mexican timeshare.

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We advise against document preparation companies that offer self help assistance in writing letters to the resort. A lay person is no match for the timeshare developers’ legal department. Your timeshare attorney will work directly with you throughout the timeshare cancellation process.

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