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Our timeshare attorneys will work until you are relieved of your timeshare obligation. Your debt will be permanently and lawfully terminated by rescission, cancellation, revocation, or pre-litigation/litigation.

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We help timeshare owners to permanently cancel their entire timeshare contract; including maintenance fees, special assessments, and timeshare mortgage payments.

We work with timeshare cancellation lawyers who have not just years, but decades of experience in the field of contract litigation who will analyze your case and address its merits in adopting an approach that best fits your needs.

Mexico, South America, and The Caribbean: Contact us if you need a Mexican timeshare cancellation. In most cases we can help.

Eliminate All Future Liability.

Fidelity’s professional team has the experience to place you with qualified, highly experienced timeshare lawyers within our network to legally cancel your timeshare mortgage and contract, endeavoring to permanently eliminate all timeshare liability.

Fidelity’s Timeshare Cancellation Service works particularly for timeshare owners that have been misled during the sales process, and believe that they have been the victims of fraud.

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Fidelity Resource Management offers 100% guaranteed Timeshare Cancellation and elimination of future liability.

Fidelity’s former timeshare management experience includes resort collections, resort marketing and resort qualifying real estate broker. This experience, along with our national network of company retained timeshare lawyers, ensure the efficient timeshare cancellation of all liability. 

Mexican Timeshare Cancellation

Our timeshare attorney network has the vast experience necessary to negotiate your foreign based timeshare cancellation, permanently and legally.

Mexico is one of the top 10 vacation destinations in the world, with over 600 timeshare developments. Mexican law prohibits property ownership to foreigners within 60 miles of its’ international borders and 30 miles from coastal areas; therefore, the vast majority of timeshares in Mexico are “Right of Use” and not deeded and more like a vacation club. This means if you are unable make the payments the developer can’t foreclose, but may sue, garnish your wages or report the delinquency to the credit bureaus.

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