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Our value to the Client and Timeshare Attorney is Fidelity’s ability to streamline the process for Counsel; providing the Client significant savings, while retaining the top Timeshare Lawyer in the country for your Timeshare Cancellation.

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Free Timeshare Exit Consultation

Free Consultation

Speak directly with our client/timeshare attorney Liaison to discuss the details of your situation, which helps our timeshare attorney have a full understanding and determine the best course of action for legal timeshare cancellation.

Information Gathering

Upon acceptance, we will work with you and your timeshare lawyer to streamline the process building a file relevant to your situation. Names, account numbers, sales information and all paperwork that was provided to you at the time of sale are helpful in building your case file to get out of a timeshare.

Timeshare Contract Cancellation Services
Timeshare Exit Credit Protection

Credit Protection

Your timeshare lawyer will begin working on your bid for timeshare cancellation and engage credit protection measures while confronting your developer. Maintaining your good credit is important! Your timeshare lawyer will issue the necessary letters, pursuant to Federal Code to protect your credit throughout your timeshare cancellation dispute.

Attorney Leverage

Only a seasoned timeshare attorney, specializing in contract law, has the leverage to file suit and expose the developer’s potential liabilities.  Fidelity’s timeshare attorneys will file a formal legal demand to get the timeshare cancellation process started. Next a civil complaint will be drafted and the developer will be notified of the intent to file a law suit. 

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Timeshare Cost Calculator

How much is your timeshare really costing you?

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