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Who Really Sells Timeshares?

The simple truth is Timeshare Resorts are the only ones selling timeshares and they aren’t selling them on the internet.

Records show 98% of all Timeshares sales are made on site at the Resort, by highly paid sales professionals. The other 2% are mostly made of family transfers and the rare instance of a resale. These luxurious Timeshare Resorts are commonly owned by multi-billion dollar resort conglomerates that know their craft well and can make the huge investment of inviting hundreds of prospective buyers on site for a “free” weekend get-a-way to sell you, while under the ether of the plush resort surroundings. Each sale made by the Resort represents thousands of dollars in marketing costs.

The process hasn’t changed since the beginning of Timeshares! 

The Resorts Professional “Closers” know they only have a short amount of face time to make sales using all their proven techniques. The high pressure selling process is very clever and a lot of new owners report “the Resort is always trying to up-sell more property.” Because of escalating fees, the inability to reserve the time wanted, and special assessments, many owners report buying their timeshare was a terrible financial decision. Timeshare Owners often report the sales representative told them selling their property is a viable option. The truth is that selling a timeshare is next to impossible; they have no resale value, except in the rare circumstances of a unique property.

Listing Companies Don’t Work

Many owners try “online listing companies” again and again, paying thousands of dollars upfront for the promise of a buyer that never materializes.

If you search online, you can find thousands of timeshares listed for sale and countless numbers of websites to list them on. In one instance, we found 2 identical timeshares for sale on the same site, one for $11,950 and the other listed for $1. Despite what you were told, selling your timeshare is not a realistic option. If these “resale companies” are so fantastic at their trade, why don’t the Timeshare Resorts use their services and save significant marketing costs for their investors?

If you want out of your timeshare, even if you have a timeshare mortgage, contact us to see if your situation qualifies.