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4 Reasons To Use A Timeshare Lawyer


Why retain a Timeshare Lawyer?

The beachfront timeshare that salesperson sold you four years ago has you financially underwater with its rising fees and special assessments. You have exhausted the DIY route. The developer won’t cancel your timeshare contract and you have not been able to sell your timeshare, not even for $1. Help is needed!

Solicitations from non-attorney cancellation companies making big claims, as if they have the secret sauce for timeshare cancellation, but you have already been burned by the salespersons’ broken promises. Here’s what an experienced timeshare lawyer who knows timeshare law will bring to the table.

Use a Timeshare Lawyer to  Cancel Your Timeshare Legally

  1. Lawyers treasure their license to practice law. Your Fidelity timeshare lawyer has a legal obligation to put the interest of their client first. That protects you. 99.9% of the lawyers would not act in a way that jeopardized their license.          
  2. Simply put, you want someone who can put fear into the timeshare developer, if necessary, by threatening and filing a lawsuit. Only a licensed timeshare lawyer can represent you in court. For example, if your timeshare attorney determines that your salesperson coerced you into signing the timeshare contract with illegal high-pressure sales tactics or blatant omissions; the lawyer can give the resort developer the choice to settle on terms favorable to you or the possibility of filing suit. Only a timeshare lawyer can make this offer. And frequently, the threat of being sued convinces the developer to settle. Also, third party debt collectors may not directly contact you, if payments are in legal dispute.     
  3. Experienced timeshare lawyers have studied the law for years and have reviewed thousands of contracts. They have the knowledge and experience to spot the small illegal clause that may be your key to cancel the contract. Someone untrained in law might miss this key. For example, some developers hide a perpetuity clause in the contract’s fine print. This clause can make your heirs responsible to pay on the contract after your death. In some states, this clause is illegal, and the contract can be canceled.               
  4. A Fidelity legal team member will tell you whether they may take your case and give the details during your first consultation, not wasting your time or theirs if they cannot help you.

Stay Away From Non-Attorney Solutions

You entered an enforceable legally binding contract, which makes disputing the validity of that contract a legal matter.  Using a non-lawyer in a timeshare legal dispute could be a crime. The unlicensed practice of law is illegal.  

Some timeshare exit companies may offer to sell your timeshare as a means of getting out of the contract, but beware. Last December, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charged “the operators of a timeshare reselling scheme with bilking at least $15 million from timeshare owners by charging upfront fees of as much as $2,500 — or more — with promises they would rent or sell the properties.”

As a consumer, you have the right to be thoroughly informed about the product you’re purchasing and to be protected from fraudulent and misleading statements when making a buying decision.

We offer a free evaluation of your situation. Our Fidelity legal team will evaluate your case for timeshare cancellation and give you plenty of space to make an informed decision.

The Fidelity timeshare lawyer network makes expert representation affordable.

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