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Timeshare Deceptions

The Presentation

If you have ever been to a timeshare presentation you’re likely aware that they will use a variety of tactics. One of the most common is simply to claim all sorts of benefits; even though you may not actually benefit from them. The way it is presented will suggest that you can experience the best the company has to offer.

 A good example of their typical spiel would include phrases like “an investment in your future” or “your quality of life”. You will also be given assurances like “if you are not 100% satisfied the buying department will buy it back from you. Of course this won’t happen as this is the best investment you will ever make.”

They will probably finish with a reminder that you had better act now or it will be too late.

The smooth pitch and inviting looking resorts are enough to convince you, and you could be forgiven for signing on the dotted line.

Booking Time

However, when you move to the present day you will probably have a different image of the timeshare company. One call to the customer service department will remind you that your points will not get you into the exclusive, top-end resorts; you’ll need to take one of the lower grade options. That’s if you are lucky! There may simply be no availability at all!

At first you will assume this is a big misunderstanding and the sales person can resolve it all for you. That is, until you realize it is impossible to get in touch with them again.

In fact, this may be the first time you read the contract properly and start to wonder about ‘floating use’ and ‘discretionary access’.  Suddenly it becomes clear that you have not purchased a unit for a week, and don’t even have guaranteed access. What you have purchased is the potential right to stay in one of the resorts owned by the developer, providing there is availability and they agree to your stay! In effect, you have nothing.

Resolving the Issue

One quick look online will help you to locate countless people who promise to help sell your timeshare for you. Unfortunately, this is often throwing good money after bad; the people are frequently fraudsters themselves. They will happily take your money but you will not see anything else from them and you’ll still be stuck with the timeshare.

Don’t be fooled, even if they appear to deed your timeshare contract to someone else, this will not remove your liability for fees. This is possible because your contract will state the developer must approve any resale; effectively creating a vicious circle from which you cannot escape.

There is only one genuine solution: work with a company who uses a licensed timeshare lawyer that understands these contracts. It is usually possible to cancel the contract as buyers have often been misled. But, you need to seek professional advice to ensure this matter is dealt with once and for all.

The Fidelity timeshare attorney network has decades of experience in legal timeshare cancellation. As a consumer, you have the right to be thoroughly informed about the product you are puchasing and to be protected from fraudulent or misleading information when making a buying decision. The Fidelity timeshare attorney network makes expert representation affordable.

 Fidelity Resource Management offers a free evaluation of your situation and our legal team will determine if you have a case for legal timeshare cancellation.

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