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The Reality of Timeshares

A timeshare presentation is a polished affair, highlighting the cream of the crop. You will see the most luxurious units, the most exotic destinations and exclusive developments.

All of this is designed to draw you in. The smooth sales pitch and the lure of the turquoise waters combine with your guards being down to convince you it is the right choice.

Unfortunately the reality is a little different.

In fact you may have only bought points and, in many cases, these points will not allow you into the best resorts. In addition you may be faced with the fact that you cannot even access one of the ‘regular’ units. Sorry, you’re going to need to buy more points to play!

You may also be surprised to discover that you are paying enough money to cover the cost of a five star vacation; without actually benefiting from the vacation. Of course, you can try to call the salesperson to complain and have the matter straightened out; unfortunately it is highly unlikely that you will be able to get hold of them.

The Facts

All the details you need to know, and where you will be directed when you contact their customer service department, is contained in the fine print of your contract. It will only take one close read for you to realize that there are so many loopholes in the contract that the developer can do pretty much what they please. In fact, you appear to be trapped permanently!

The Solution

Fortunately there is a way out. You will need legal help to argue the fact that you have been the victim of a high-pressure sales tactic which did not accurately represent the facts.

Fidelity Resource Management offers a free evaluation of your timeshare contract situation, and retains expert timeshare cancellation attorneys for your case. In the majority of cases, you may legally cancel your timeshare contract and your credit score can be protected. Receive the professional help you deserve.

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