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Timeshare Advertising & Marketing

Have you ever considered why there are no visible advertisements for timeshare marketing? All other businesses use mainstream marketing methods and timeshares are a billion dollar industry. So, why is it that they do not appear to market their products anywhere?

The simple truth is that timeshares are not credible. Marketing to a rational individual requires you to declare the value of the product and allow them to make an informed decision. If a customer has the chance to do this with a timeshare, they would never buy one!

The History

Marketing executives are often referred to as engaging in a practice known as ‘puffing’, which is simple trade-speak for lying. It was generally accepted that part of marketing involved exaggerating the truth or even creating your own facts. A perfect example of this is the golden days of tobacco when it was marketed as good for your health and image. Even phony doctors were used to back up the claims made.

Of course, this would not be allowed in today’s society; it is an offense to knowingly mis-sell a product. Marketing campaigns and claims are checked by regulatory bodies such as FTC regulations. It is simply not financially or commercially a viable option now.

Dealing With The Legality

Of course this makes it harder for a marketing campaign to hit the right mark and be successful. The answer is discovered through disclaimers. Marketing professionals can claim virtually anything providing a disclaimer tells you that the claims are generalized and your deal will depend on your own financial situation. You may never really notice these disclaimers; they are in the tiny print of an advertisement or spoken at the end of a broadcast, particularly fast.

Marketing people certainly hope you don’t notice them. After all, if you did notice the negative attributes of any product and saw that they far outweighed the positive you would not buy them. The disclaimer works well, it tells you the negative but reinforces the positive; leaving you feeling good and wanting whatever the product is.

The Timeshare

Timeshares are particularly vulnerable when considering the modern marketing regulations. Once you start looking at the small print you will realize that there is nothing attractive about a timeshare. This is why they do not advertise in the mainstream way; they catch you when your guard is down on vacation. There is no one there to remind you of the negative qualities of a timeshare; by the time you realize your timeshare cancellation period is up.

And while you technically can read the fine print of your contract at a timeshare presentation, you will certainly not be encouraged to – and you  may even be intentionally distracted if you try to do so.  After all, if you did you may discover that the timeshare agreement lets you access your unit during the year at the discretion of the developer; if it is overbooked you simply can’t use it.

To add insult to injury, you are also unlikely to sell the unit unless the developer consents and there is no resale market. Now you know why the timeshare industry doesn’t advertise and why you should stay well away from them; no matter how good their offer appears.

So if you did end up buying, and now you’re regretting it, what are your options? A good company, working with experienced timeshare lawyers can help you cancel the timeshare contract legally in spite of the developer’s misleading techniques.

Fidelity Resource Management’s timeshare attorney network has decades of experience in the field of contract litigation. They will analyze your case for misrepresentations, omissions, or deceptive sales practices in addressing its merits, and adopt an approach that best fits your needs.

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