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Timeshare Bait & Switch

It is unusual for someone to purchase a timeshare with careful planning. The reality is that you will be enjoying a fantastic and well-earned vacation when you are approached to attend a short meeting. The invitation is cemented by the thought of some free food, drink or attraction tickets.

Unfortunately, this is simply the bait. Sales people know that when you are on vacation your guard is down. You will spend more than you intended, but you will also buy things that you wouldn’t normally dream of.

All a good sales person needs to do is highlight the benefits and make sure you connect with them; your relaxed holiday spirit will take care of the rest! This theory has been proven time and time again as vacationers pay more for a product than they would at home; even though it is the same product.

The Trick

The bait entices you to the sales session. After all, you feel like you are getting something for nothing and you can spare a few hours. Everything is so much less hassle when on vacation.

Unfortunately, as soon as you are closed into the sales room you will suddenly feel like you owe the sales people something. After all, they have been so nice and helpful, even friendly; you will want to help them out.

This is natural and they are counting on it. By presenting the “positive” points of the timeshare they are simply affirming to you that it is a good decision; but it is not an informed one.

The Finish

If the bait and the pleasant sales attitude are not working then the company will often bring in a sale closer. They are much more aggressive and will make you feel a little less comfortable. It is at this point that it seems impossible to leave the room.

This is when you are most vulnerable. In order to ‘escape’ you agree to sign up to their seemingly attractive and discounted deal. You may well reason that you are too far from home for them to be able to enforce the contract or that you can afford it and simply want to be back on the beach.

You will also notice that someone in the room will give in at this point; and as soon as one has given in, it is safe to say others will follow. This leads to two further issues. Your vacation brain starts telling you if they are doing it then it must be okay and you will have more attention focused on you as there are fewer targets in the room.

Now you can see how easy it is to fall into the timeshare bait trap. Many people have done so, from all walks of life. The only way to avoid being caught is to not attend the meeting, but as you know, this is easier said than done.

Fortunately, timeshare cancellation is possible; you may be the victim of clever marketing and a sales trap. Speak to our professionals now and we can discuss the best option to address the issue; including what you have really signed up for.

Our timeshare lawyers have decades of experience in timeshare contract cancellation and will analyze your case for misrepresentations, omissions or deceptive sales practices. 

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